eCOGRA sets the standard for independent review and regulation of online casinos. Their seal of approval is an important sign of a casino’s quality. This neutral, non-profit, third-party organization oversees “fair gaming, player protection, and responsible operator conduct”.

This institution stands for transparency and honesty, as it regulates casino operators to ensure that they respect their players. They submit themselves to high standards of satisfaction to provide a pleasant and honest gaming experience.

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Prudent players look for the eCOGRA seal on the casino website. eCOGRA also investigates complaints about online casinos, maintains lists of approved casinos and reputable portals, and provides news articles on online casino regulation. eCOGRA is based in the UK but is also a major player in the Canadian online gaming world.

The history of ECOGRA

The development of online casinos in the 1990s saw a huge increase in both the number of operators and the number of players. Unfortunately, a number of questionable stories have arisen, which has led to questions from players about the fairness and integrity of online casino sites. This inevitably led to a decline in the number of customers in the casinos.

Finally, in 2002, online casino operators and Microgaming (online gaming software provider) joined forces to create ECOGRA. The result is that many players who had lost confidence in online gaming now feel reassured again.

ECOGRA objectives

ECOGRA was therefore developed to improve the ethics of the online gaming industry. It aims to create a basis and standards of fair play for the entire online gaming industry. The agency is also there to remind players of all their rights, as well as their responsibilities regarding online gaming to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

They try to impose high standards by conducting regular reviews of their licensed sites. They also aim to continue to improve current online gaming standards by regularly updating their standards, as well as implementing new measures for the safety of their members.

ECOGRA’s role in the online gaming industry

One of the most important contributions ECOGRA has made to the online gaming industry is its seal of approval. ECOGRA only awards the seal of approval to online casinos that meet their very high standards. They focus on areas such as fair gaming, player protection, and responsible business practices.

eCOGRA verification

The ECOGRA “Seal of Approval” also ensures that online casinos comply with standards regarding security of the storage of players’ personal information, strict control of random number generators, prompt payouts, and responsible behaviour of gaming operators in advertising.

By being a member of ECOGRA, operators agree to pass regular audit tests by a third-party company. Then the online casino that has been approved by ECOGRA proudly displays the seal for all players to see when they visit their casino. ECOGRA also has a mediation service, whose role is to help players defend their rights. If you have a problem with an online casino that is approved by ECOGRA and you are unable to resolve your issue, you can contact ECOGRA for assistance.

If you go to an online casino that does not display the “Seal of Approval” label, you are not necessarily taking a risk, however, if you have problems with the casino, you will not be able to get assistance from an independent agency such as eCOGRA.

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