About the games

The Masters Indigenous Games (MIG) provides Indigenous adults aged 20 years and older, the opportunity to compete against their peers in a variety of contemporary and traditional sporting activities. The MIG is an opportunity to get physically active, engage with community and participate in competition. The Games bring together thousands of Indigenous athletes from around the world to compete in sport competitions, celebrate Indigenous wellness and showcase the rich diversity of cultures and traditions of the world’s Indigenous Peoples. In addition to the various sport competitions, the Masters Games provide all participants and attendees with a safe and excellent opportunity to celebrate and promote the various cultures of Indigenous peoples world-wide. A cultural village showcasing Indigenous artists, performers, storytellers and vendors, will take place throughout the event and serve as an opportunity to create dialogue and sharing, with visitors who attend.


The first edition of the Masters Indigenous Games was held in July of 2018, in Toronto, Ontario. The MIG was developed by Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (the designated Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Body), as a legacy initiative of the 2017 North American Indigenous Games. The inaugural Games featured 600 athletes from 6 countries, participating in a number of contemporary and traditional sports.


The Masters Indigenous Games are made possible by ISWO’s belief that sport and culture have the power to change lives, improve wellness, and provide opportunities for personal growth and community development. ISWO is an organization dedicated to the wellness of Indigenous Peoples across Ontario, through programs that promote sport, recreation, physical literacy and land-based learning. ISWO promotes healthy living and offers training, certifications and support for coaches, athletes, and similar organizations, and serves all Indigenous Peoples and communities across the province of Ontario, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, living on and off-reserve.


Beginning in 2021, the Masters Indigenous Games will take place every two years thereafter. The 2023 Masters Indigenous Games are scheduled to take place once again in Ottawa, Ontario. The host city for the 2025 Masters Indigenous Games will be determined through an open bid-application process.


For more information about ISWO, please visit iswo.ca.

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