Opening Gala


Date: July 12, 2018 

Location: The Ontario Royal Museum 

Event Overview: 

The Opening Gala will take place at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and feature cultural performances and tributes, highlighting Indigenous cultures from around the world, with a special emphasis on the rich heritage and diversity of Ontario’s Indigenous Peoples. Music and song by David R. Maracle, a five-time Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards winner and recipient of the 2007 Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards for Best Instrumental Album, Worldwide, will serve as a feature performance, alongside Métis and Inuit performances. A sampling of Indigenous foods, performances by Indigenous artists and an opportunity to celebrate Indigenous sport achievements, will make the evening truly unforgettable. Attendees will also receive a special guided tour of the First Peoples Gallery, by Indigenous knowledge keepers who work with the Royal Ontario Museum to ensure an interactive and genuine experience.

The First Peoples Gallery is an example of the ROM’s commitment to ensuring that a relevant cultural context is shared with visitors about Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. The Gallery explores Indigenous peoples through their ancestral objects and through their engagement with settler-colonist collectors. The objects on view tell stories of Indigenous identity, traditions, and beliefs across time, speaking to the vibrancy of Indigenous cultures both past and present. With more than a 1,000 objects on display, from Pre-European times to the present day, the Gallery provides a cultural context for Canada’s First Peoples and examines the economic and social forces that have influenced Indigenous culture and art.

All registered Masters Indigenous Games participants will receive a complimentary ticket to attend the Opening Gala, with a limited number of tickets available for Indigenous leadership, community partners, sponsor organizations, key stakeholders, and dignitaries. The event is by invite only and is expected to be well-attended, by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders.

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