The Masters Indigenous Games 2018 (MIG 2018) will feature a variety of reunion events for alumni (past athletes, coaches, Missions Staff) of the North American Indigenous Games. The MIG 2018 will provide an opportunity for Indigenous adults to reconnect through sport, while creating new memories, both on and off the field. Register for the Masters Indigenous Games 2018 and connect with your past NAIG teammates! Stay tuned for additional details and list of events.

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The North American Indigenous Games are a multi-sport, multi-disciplinary event involving Indigenous youth from Canada and the United States. The Games offer 14 sport competitions in addition to a vibrant cultural program, showcasing local and North American indigenous cultural groups and entertainers.

The NAIG, was first held in 1990 in Edmonton, Alberta, and has been staged on seven other occasions since then, in various locations throughout Canada and the United States. Athletes competing in the NAIG must be born of North American Indigenous ancestry. All contingents participating in the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) must represent the Indigenous Peoples of a Province/Territory in Canada, or a State/Region in the United States of America. Only athletes registered with a contingent are eligible to compete in the NAIG.

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